Signup flows, website design and other digital assets for a Portuguese startup.


Digital Designer


Sketch, Adobe Creative Cloud


Information Architecture, Interface Design, Responsive Design, User-Centered Design, Visual Design, Wireframing


12+ Weeks

Early wireframe concepts.
Early wireframe concepts.
In Portugal, I worked with a startup called WiiPiik to craft a website promoting connection, travel, and fun. Their main focus was around launching a competition and ensuring smooth user sign-ups.

The team and I sketched out the A-to-B flows as well as a sitemap. This helped us understand the basic user journey and we started pacing out the content from there.
Mapping out the user journey, from start to finish, with a flow diagram
Mapping out the user journey, from start to finish, with a flow diagram.
The designs went through multiple revisions and mockups, which helped us strike the right balance between visuals and messaging.
Desktop page design
Final page designs ready for handover
Final page designs ready for handover.
The website went live 🙌 but soon after, funding ran out and WiiPiik had to close down. We didn't get the chance to capture any real user feedback on the website, but from a design and practice perspective: The project underscored to me the importance of having a good library of reusable assets to quickly turn around designs and iterations.
Final mobile website design.