I led the creation of a unified brand identity and design system for OSMC, including logo design, Brand Guidelines, and a Pattern Library.




Sketch, Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop


Design System
Print Design
UX/UI Design


6+ Years

OSMC Pattern
When I first teamed up with Open Source Media Center (OSMC), they were in need of a solid brand identity to match their evolving platform. Having dabbled with their previous product, Raspbmc, I saw a chance to jump in and help shape their next chapter.
OSMC product photography
OSMC product photography.
Kicking off with crafting their logo and some initial branding, my role with OSMC quickly grew. It went from just design to dabbling in everything from how the user interface looked to snapping product photos and even designing packaging.
Homescreen mockup and example of design direction
Homescreen mockup and example of design direction.
I took it as a chance to flex my creativity, working comfortably in areas I knew and diving headfirst into ones I didn't. As OSMC's lineup expanded and their userbase grew, I knew we needed some ground rules. So, I pulled together all our work into a set of Brand Guidelines. It helped keep things consistent and made sure we were all singing from the same design sheet.
Social media and email templates
Loading animation
Packaging and print design concepts
To keep the momentum going, I developed a Pattern Library in Figma, a one-stop shop for developers and designers to grab or reference anything they needed.

With our Brand Guidelines and Pattern Library in place, we maintained OSMC's brand strength as they grew. These initiatives weren't just about keeping things neat — they made sure everyone was on the same page, helping designers and developers deliver a smooth and consistent user experience.