Skills Active

At Skills Active Aotearoa, I expanded my role from designing print materials to include web and video production.




Adobe Creative Suite


Concept Generation
Print Design
Video Production
Interface Design


5+ Years

Skills Active print design examples
During my tenure as the designer at Skills Active Aotearoa, I had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects spanning print, web, and video production.

Starting fresh out of university, I immediately immersed myself in large-scale print projects, designing NZQA accredited resources for tens of thousands of trainees. Additionally, I crafted marketing materials that were tailored to the varied audience of learners.
Skills Active branded car wrapping
As time progressed, my role expanded to encompass web design and in-house video production. This evolution took us on journeys across the country to capture interviews with some of our most exceptional trainees.
Digital publishing example
Under the guidance of a supportive Marketing & Communications manager, I was given a great degree of creative flexibility. This freed me up to build upon the existing brand guidelines and spearhead the organisation's venture into new digital realms.